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Why didn't anyone tell me?

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

I went into teaching thinking how wonderful it would be! Teaching students, watching them progress, seeing their amazing/agreeable smiles, having some fun. It all sounds great, right? It is but no one told me about student behaviors and how challenging they could be! How about standards and expectations for students that are often NOT age appropriate? What about testing that we need to do and put our students through...constantly. Let's not even talk about the handful of parents who try to tell us how to do our job better. WAIT! Don't forget about the never ending "to do list" just to be ready for the next day. This "gig" has changed and has created more stress than I had anticipated...BUT...I still LOVE it! I do wish someone had told me so I would have been more prepared. Do any of you feel this way? I can help you! The passion I feel for making a difference and helping students, teachers, parents and administrators is off the chart! YOU can have (and totally deserve) the same feeling. I know many of you don't have it anymore and you want it back. Trust me - you can have it. Let me tell you how. I will warn you, as with anything in life that is worth it, it will take effort and perserverance on your part. Here it is: CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE. As Zig Ziglar used to say you need to get rid of your "stinkin thinkin". Tony Robbins has a quote that I love, "Where focus goes, energy flows." If you focus on all the negative things happening, your perspective will be bleek and negative. If you focus on the things that are good and right, your perspective will be more in line with what you want. You will then experience less stress, more passion and energy for teaching and your students will learn more! So if you find the negative chatter in your head, stop and think to your self, "But what is going well?" Focsuing on what is going well will diminish the feelings of what isn't going as you would like. Create this new habit and you will feel the difference. Try it for a week and let me know if you feel the change. If you do it and stick with it every day, you will! #TonyRobbins #ZigZiglar #Iloveteaching #lifelonglearner #teachercoach #perspective

All the best,


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