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Thoughts change everything. Are you aware of yours?

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Are you feeling more stress than usual? Do you find yourself thinking you aren't enough or that you will fail? Does it seem like you are stuck or that things will never change? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you being more aware of when these thoughts occur is a start in the right direction. Let me explain. Whatever you think, every thought you have, determines how you feel. If you think "Oh this is going to be terrible day, I'm so tired." You have ensured yourself to feel tired and things won't go right. If you think, little Johnnie is so disrespectful, what will he do that's bad today?" Then you will feel frustrated, stressed and on the defensive. And, although you don't intend to do so, because I know you love your students, you are setting little Johnnie up for failure and misbehavior that day. Why? Because your thoughts are telling you that it is true and so it shall be. Your perception creates your reality. We have so much power! This affects our behavior and the behavior of others. If we can be aware of our thoughts, we can use that power in positive ways that will have a huge impact on how we are feeling and the response we get from other people. You will find that it feels so much better! So what can you do to start moving in this direction? BE AWARE of your THOUGHTS. Listen to them, and if they don't feel good, CHANGE the thought to something that will feel better. How can you do that? Be open minded and believe that things can be better and they can change. If you need to, move your body, listen to some great music, think of all the things in this life that you are grateful for. Whatever it takes - try everything! You will feel empowered and it is a much better choice than to live in the other place. #change, #mindset, #positivethoughts, #empoweryourself, #loveyourjob

All the best,


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