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Group and
Individual Coaching

  • How would it feel for your child to be empowered and in control of their thoughts?

  • Want your child to gain more self-confidence and self-esteem?  

  • Would you like to see your child begin to create their own visions and goals and dream big?

  • Can you imagine a life in which your child overcomes the obstacles of peer pressure?

  • What if your child learned how to manage the ups and downs of growing up?

  • Do you want to learn “targeted” strategies for your child, self or family?

  • Want to work with someone who knows children are all unique and encourages them to "think outside the box"?  

  • Do you want to give your child the best possible tools for happiness and success in life?


If these questions resonate with you then we are the right fit.  I teach you and your child how to navigate life's obstacles and emotional development.  

Parent Workshops and Professional Development

Check out some of my MUST HAVE parent workshops and professional development topics!

  • "Perspective and communication - it's EVERYTHING!"

  • "Learn how your brain works and use it to increase self-confidence and self-esteem"

  • How to Stay Lit Up, Not Get Burnt Out"

  • "Who is Driving Your Bus? Your Thoughts Control Everything 

  • "Success!  How to Change Your Life Through Growth Mindset"

  • "Be a Super Hero – Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs"

  • "Help! My Students are Driving Me Crazy – What Can I Do?"

  • "Dealing with peer pressure"

  • “Social Emotional Intelligence - how to grow and be healthy”

  • “Helping administrators with staff communication and creating a positive school culture.”


teacher parent meeting pic.jpg

Public Speaking


  • Looking for an engaging and energetic speaker for your shcool or organization?   

  • Want audience participants to be engaged and motivated?

  • What if everyone walked away with strategies and tools to implement immediately and easily? 

  • Would it be great to get rave reviews about the experience you provide?


If you are searching for the above, you've found it.  Learn to communicate more effectively, work hard, have some fun and get massive results! 


Tell me what you need.

I can help you.

Thanks for submitting!

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